Halloween 2016 Quest List

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Halloween 2016 Quest List

Post by elvenarfarms on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:51 am

Elvenar Halloween Quest 2016

2 Final Prizes:
Scream of Halloween – 5X4 culture and population building
Daunting Pumpkins – 3X4 culture building

*Each individual quest also gives a reward of a Relic, Rune Shard, or Spell

1. Spend 2 Knowledge Points
2. Produce Simple Tools X3
3. Gain 5,000 Coins
4. Produce Beverages X5
5. Gain 1,000 Supplies
6. Produce Bread X6
7. Produce 3hr Tier1 Boosted Good X3 (if your fist level boosted good is Plank, you'll produce Wooden Figurines) + Advanced Tools X3
8. Scout 1 Province OR produce spell Power of Provision X1
9. Upgrade 3 buildings to Level 3 or higher
10. Produce 9hr T1 X4 + Basket of Groceries X5
11. Scout 2 Provinces OR  produce spell Power of Provision X2 + Gain 50,000 Coins
12. Produce Beverages X111 + Gain 11 Relics
13. Produce 24hr T1 X6 + 3hr T1 X12
14. Train 300 Units + Scout 1 Province
15. Upgrade 4 buildings to L5 or higher
16. Scout 3 Provinces OR produce spell Power of Provision X3
17. Produce Toolbox X7 + Bread X50

Thanks Lucyfur1 and everyone who contributed info here!
Good Luck All!


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Re: Halloween 2016 Quest List

Post by GriffoxStaff on Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:19 am

Yes Thanks Lucy , without your help we couldn't have got it done so easily

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